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Frequently ask Questions (FAQ's) !

1) How to register at merayliyezameen.com?

Ans - The procedure is very straightforward and user-friendly. All you have to do is to log on to our website and review the registration form. Once you fill it, you become our registered user. Isn’t it simple?

2) How to advertise your property?

Ans - Once you become our registered user, it is quite convenient for you to upload the pictures of your property so that all the potential rent hunters could view it. Along with that, you also have the option to write a short note about your property. For example, the number of rooms and the area it covers and all.

3) Is it worth selling on Meralyliyezameen.com?

Ans - Ask this question to yourself once again after you become our user. We put maximum emphasize on our clients’ needs and we guarantee to provide you a pleasing experience.

4) How well can Merayliyezameen.com cater my meeds?

Ans - We have all the resources, exposure to fulfill your requirements. We are equipped with a lot of variety ranging from house to a chapry. Variety? We have it all.

5) Is it free?

Ans -What else could be more favorable for you than to know the fact that we offer free registration for our clients for the next six months? We are sure; you don’t want to waste time and cling on to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

6) Why merayliyezameen.com?

Ans -We are a consumer oriented group. Our priority is our customers and fulfilling their needs motivates us. We want to revolutionize the rental industry by adding some of the innovative options for our clients which they have never experienced before. A try is a must.

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