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Finding a place for rent has always been a challenge especially when you are short of time. We are a one stop solutions to all your problems. We are one of the fastest growing online real estate marketplaces where buyers and sellers from all over Pakistan can meet. Since our priority is our customers’ convenience, we are the only online portal who have given you the maximum flexibility for rental tenure that can last long for one day, one week one month, one year or for any period. We use highly specialized and innovative feature that stores and encrypts your information to codes, making it secure for both buyers and sellers. With these functions, you can retrieve the best possible results by using the filters and hence further allow us to serve you in the most useful manner. Moreover, It is secure for both the parties to carry out the transaction through our portal because we take the responsibility of the credibility.

With us, you find no barriers during the rental hunt. We provide you all types of property; you just have to name it. It could be a well-furnished apartment, a well infra-structured house. It doesn’t end here as we even offer farmhouse for picnics, a beach house for you to make your vacations memorable or even a chapery. You can even seek a small room in a house for rent. We concentrate on our home country “Pakistan” as we believe we have studied it well and we have the resources and potentials to cater the needs of the people living here. As you surf, you will hear a lot about many other rental portals but what differentiates us from them is that they concentrate on the entire globe rather than serving a particular niche at their best. How could they possibly know about a chapery in Lalukhait? That is where we come in .We are prepared to serve the rent hunters in Pakistan by serving them a rental property of their choice.

Now you must be wondering about our charges considering the huge set of variety we offer you. You don’t need to worry about that at all because we charge no fees from either the seller or hunter.

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